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What is ColorDance?


Inspired by the Hindu Festival of Colors and the music festival traditions born out of Woodstock ’69, we have conceptualized ColorDance: a fun, peaceful gathering of soulful people for a weekend of celebration of unity through spirituality.


Holi, also known as The Festival of Colors, is a Hindu spring festival that celebrates many common themes of peace, spirituality, and newness of life. During Holi, participants smear the now-well-known powdered colors across their faces and bodies, as well as friends. When the crowd throws the many different colors into the air in unison, their brief combination creates a visual stimulation that is nearly overwhelming. Altogether, this ‘color play’ is a staple element of ColorDance, and a physical representation of the major theme, UNITY in DIVERSITY.

More on Holi

In the northern part of India, the Festival of Color, known as Holi, announces the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. It is a peaceful celebration of new life. Inspired by epic stories from the old Hindu religion, this ancient festival includes traditional music and dance, while the highlight is participants throwing multicolored powders into the air... or even smearing them onto each other!

          The Holi festival has slowly seeped into many other cultures (in recent years especially) through a scattered Indian diaspora, international travelers, Indian holy men popular in the west, and most importantly the Hare Krishna movement. The feeling of oneness and profound sense of freedom are two key takeaways from Holi, and have attracted millions of people all over the world to this celebration.

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Learn more about the color

Playing with colors is an integral part of ColorDance festival. Traditionally colors are produced from naturally occurring sources of pigments like rose petals, sandalwood and spinach leaves. We use colors made from food grade quality cornstarch and biodegradable organic food colors. Moreover, the color is custom manufactured by another US based company right here in United States. All varieties of colors are lab tested as non-toxic (Material safety datasheet is available on request). The colors are completely safe for adults as well as children. Being completely biodegradable, the colors are safe for environment including natural habitat.  

            When a big group of people plays with colors, it creates a memorable visual experience to any spectator. On the other hand, the participants experience the unadulterated fun, craziness and sportive vibe of the color play. We encourage everybody to be a good sport and join the second group of people! Also please go through few guidelines to make most out of it.